The BEST Reasons to Sell Your House During the Holidays

Your Mama always told you the best time to sell your house is during the spring season when the daises bloom and your perfectly manicured lawn shimmers green in the warm sunshine. Well, no offense to your Mama but there are some pretty darn good reasons to put your home on the market right now during the holiday season…..

  1. You’ll have Fewer Showings– Might sound counter-intuitive but yes, you’ll enjoy the fact that there are fewer people traipsing around your lovely home treating it like a commodity while you are trying to live, eat, love and play in your home. Here’s the catch… Buyers shopping for a home in the winter, particularly over the holidays, are really really really motivated to buy a house. They’ve put aside time to pursue their home search during one of the busiest times of the year. Do not ignore these buyers! They are your path to the settlement table!
  2. January BIG Time for Relocating– most companies that have to move or relocate employees target January for those moves. That means housing decisions are being made in November-December, during the holidays. Again, these are motivated buyers with a hard deadline. Don’t ignore them!
  3. Lowest Interest Rates Ever– Interest rates on a 30 year fixed loan the first week of December 2012 Averaged 3.34%, hovering around the our nation’s all time low of 3.32% (reference this article). What does this mean for you, the Seller? Well it means that there is a healthy number of buyers out there who wouldn’t be able to afford to buy your home if it weren’t for these amazing rates. Low rates making housing more affordable even at the same price point. Check out this awesome infographic by which illustrates the effect interest rates have on affordability:
  4. Impact-Pates-on-Paymet-1024x685Impulse BuyingThe holidays are a time of spending, sometimes irrationally. People tend to be emotional and attach to purchases more readily. You want to be ready and waiting for that! You want your online marketing (where most buyers start their home search) to shine. You want the photos of your home to bring forth those emotional responses that compel a Buyer to call her agent and say “Take me to see this home!”. Once they step inside, you want your home to be politely staged so as to welcome that buyer in and make her feel at home. Of course you want to illicit that type of response from Buyers no matter what time of year it is but your best opportunity is during the holidays when folks are in the spending mood.
  5. Restricting Showings– Maybe you’re thinking, this is all well and good, but I’m having family over for a week to celebrate and school is out and I need to wrap presents or yada- yada- yada. Whatever your reason is don’t fret. You can still be on the market, actively selling your beautiful home but avoid showings during the busiest times of the holidays simply by asking your Realtor to update your MLS showing instructions to reflect “No Showings between [insert dates]”. Yep, its that simple.
  6. More Attention – You and your listing are going to get more attention during the holidays. You’ll get more attention from your Realtor and her office because of the lower level of inventory. Your listing will get more attention from potential buyers online because of the lower level of inventory. Your Buyer will get more attention from her Loan Officer again because of the lower level of inventory which means a smoother settlement for BOTH of you.
  7. Unmotivated Sellers– Some Sellers are going to believe the hype about the Spring market being the best and only time to sell your house. These are unmotivated sellers and they are going to pull their listings off the market and wait for March next year when everyone else (and their Mama) is on the market too. That’s ok….They’re making it easier for you to sell your house right now!

So alot of this list boils down to supply vs. demand. The holiday season offers MOTIVATED Sellers the opportunity to take advantage of the inventory pool that has shrunken up. Plus the Buyers out there right now aren’t out there just for kicks and giggles. They need to find a house to live in! That a very real thing with alot of motivating force behind it. So take this holiday season as an opportunity to be the big fish in that little pond and list your house today!



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